Today’s digitized battle fields offer higher importance to Information superiority, only to give them the desired edge  with flexible, agile tactical force deployments, smarter planning processes and transparent, robust supply chains.  It is therefore important for the Defense Forces anywhere in the world, to seize Information and Communication  Technology (ICT) to exploit computerization and re-de fine various defense applications efficiencies for improving their  combat readiness. Even in unpredictable dynamic situations and theref ore increase overall mission effectiveness.  Defense Forces would thus mitigate the operational risk to a great extent and maximize value from their Defense  personnel/ equipment/ information through ICT. Being a force multipier , ICT facilitates the cost-ef fective delivery of  military capability, resulting in the ef ficient performance of the MOD’s business and support functions.

However, Defense Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems are being challenged across the  globe is also a reality. With the increasing amounts of cyber incidents and the sophistication of attacks of the  various threat groups, it is essential for Defense networks to be able to effectively monitor and respond to modern  computer security breaches. Which can result in signi ficant loss of revenue, intellectual property, or even information  of importance to the MOD’s reputation. Stories in the media abound, regarding the risks posed by attacks from  nations, states and organized criminal syndicates. These modern attack ers are advanced, persis tent, and have well  defined goals. They apply disciplined methodologies designed to successfully breach a network infrastructure, steal  valuable information and persist within a victim network indefinitely.

Therefore, in the face of numerous, varied and complex information sharing challenges being experienced by the  MOD, the CIO has set a vision to deliver TAWASUL Project – an integrated and network-enabled platform, that  enables MOD’s internal/external stakeholders to securely access information and services they need at a time, place  and on approved devices of their choosing. Thereby building up their ef ficiencies, significantly. with AL BREIMI  GROUP is honored to offer its expertise in providing a well-structured secure enterprise wide ICT Network for  MOD to enable them to offer ICT Services to all units, organizations and establishments of the MOD nationwide,  including operational locations of various formation HQs and units. We consider it as a great opportunity for with AL BREIMI GROUP to be part of MOD’s envisaged transformational journey, enabling the ministry  to achieve its strategic objectives through innovative solutions that are service focused and provide distinctive  experience to stakeholders. with AL BREIMI GROUP understands the regional challenges that Defense and  Security Domains are facing with regards to providing exploitable and trusted information at the right place and  time, to enable the right decision, in order to deliver the right effect and achieve the right outcome.

Estimated Budget: 130 Million (USD)